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I'm available for work.


-Welcome to Wired for Work, a site that links future employers to near-grad students looking for internships and eventually full-time work. 

-In the student pages, your will find the profiles of third year Electrical Engineering Technology students as well as Electronics Engineering - Instrumentation students.


Employers are encouraged to contact students directly at their posted email addresses,  or they can use the contact link at the top of this page to reach the program coordinator regarding any questions about the programs or students.

Please read below: What employers need to know

What employers need to know: 


1) You will need a password to access the students page. Students are arranged by random order. If you have not received a password, please use the contact form at the top of this page to contact the program coordinator.

2) Students are available for a 7 week unpaid internship from March 8th 2021 to April 23rd 2021. 

3) Students may also be available for part-time work immediately. 

4) It is perfectly acceptable and encouraged to ask students for their grade transcript. 

5) Conditional upon graduation, all students are available for full-time positions as of April 23rd 2021.

6) All students are bilingual and able to work in both English and French.

7) It will be indicated on the student`s profile whether they are available for internships, part time work or full time work.

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